Although this is not the keyaspect for you to identify a dependable website hosting company from a bad one and a reseller from an actual supplier, being able to call and talk to a live person is a sign that you are not working with a one-person firm and that you'll be able to reach somebody any time you need support. The phone support for web hosting services may vary from general to expert, therefore the problems that can be resolved with a call vary depending on the service provider. Usually, these matters are more basic and feature billing or first level technical issues as more difficult problems usually require a support ticket where both you and the system administrators can track what is going on with a specific situation. Nonetheless, the option to phone call your service provider can save you a lot of time and efforts for the countless small issues which will eventually show up at the time you manage your web hosting account.
Phone Support in Website Hosting
As we have live phone support 14 hrs every day, you'll be able to contact us and speak with our customer support agents to find out more about any of the Linux website hosting that we offer and ensure that our servers match the system requirements for your sites prior to purchasing anything. For your convenience, we have phone numbers on three continents and you are able to call the one nearer to you - in the USA, Great Britain or Australia. If you're already a customer, you'll be able to phone us about general and billing issues, and even about some technical issues. If the trouble is strictly technical or it can take more time to investigate, you should go through our ticketing system, that will allow both you and our tech support crew to track the info given by either side.
Phone Support in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We offer live phone support 14 hrs a day as part of the support services for each semi-dedicated server plan that we provide. Considering the fact that some issues are more complex and time-consuming, you will have to open a ticket if you experience such a problem, but for all general, billing or small-scale technical issues you can always phone us and we will assist you right away in order to save you the time you'll have to spend on opening a support ticket. Even if you do not have an account yet, you can find out if you can host your websites on our innovative cloud platform or you are able to receive any other general info about our semi-dedicated services. We now have local numbers in the U.S.A., the United Kingdom and Australia as well as a global number, which means that you're able to call the one which is nearer to where you are.