Any active domain which is added in a hosting account has a number of records that permit it to work properly. In the general case, the name servers (NS records) show the location where the domain is hosted and they're set on the side of the registrar company, but on the lower level there are certain records created through the hosting company such as A (IP address of the website/server), MX (email server), SRV (employing an Internet domain for non-website purposes on a particular port number like Voice-over-IP), and many others. By having access to these records and by having the capacity to edit them, you may have your web site with company A and your e-mails with company B, for instance. This offers you more flexibility as you can select the best provider for each of these services and you don't need to stick to only one company. As soon as you pick a hosting company, you have to make sure that you have access to all DNS records freely because some companies have an extra fee for this feature.
Full DNS Management in Website Hosting
If you order a Linux website hosting from our company, you'll have total DNS management for each and every domain through your Hepsia hosting Control Panel. With only a couple of clicks you'll be able to see all present records for a certain domain or subdomain, or set up any kind of new record - A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, SRV, TXT etc. These records can be used for different purposes - identifying the web or mail server, using a domain name for a VOIP host name, and so on. You're also going to be able to create private name servers for any domain name registered through us. The DNS Records section of the CP is user-friendly and with an extensive Help section in which you can find more details regarding the purpose of the different records and the way to create them. The DNS administration services come as a part of the plans and at no additional charge.
Full DNS Management in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The Linux semi-dedicated services are controlled through our in-house designed Hepsia hosting CP and one of its features is an easy-to-use DNS records tool where you're able see all present records for every single domain address or subdomain you host in the account. With only a couple of clicks you're going to be able to change any existing record or create a new one should you need it for any purpose. This will allow you to select the provider for each individual service - for example, for a given Internet domain you could have the website here, the e-mails through a second provider as well as a VOIP service that employs the same domain as a host through a third one. Our system will allow you to change or set up any sort of records you need - NS, A, MX, CNAME, TXT, SRV, AAAA, and so forth., and we will never ask you for any fee to be able to access and manage these records as other companies may do.